Customer Testimonials
What our customers say about their experience with Gensuite LLC...
"As info, my company selected Gensuite to use as an EHS System.

The reasons that we selected them included - 1) Applications - they offered the applications that we were looking to deploy - Incident Reporting, Action Tracking, and JHA / SRA; 2) Turn Key - their System does not have to be customized and can be used as it is currently offered; 3) Customer Service - From my initial workings with Gensuite including the References that we talked to - we found the Customer Service provided by Gensuite to be impeccable and how they go out of their way to answer your questions, provide training, and resolve system issues in a timely manner.

In addition, they offer many Modules that we plan to grow into - such as Power Auditing, Training Tracker, Safety Observations, etc. Their system looks to be a very powerful tool and one that will surely strengthen our Safety efforts." - Steve Wise (TTX)
"With over 3,000 EEs, how can I promote EHS with everything else I have to do? Answer: Make EHS a value/goal/priority and use Gensuite tools to measure your performance in meetin your goals." - Michael Taylor (NBCUniversal)
"I got the email and am going through the registration! I popped up on my screen and it (Gensuite) felt like home!" - Jessica Siron (Multisorb Technologies)
"The Gensuite product evolution is profound and intuitive - there is not a single application that has not been thoughtfully designed, developed, and tested - all accompanied by detailed support and training materials." - Ken Ross (The HEICO Companies)
"Our company has been using Gensuite for over a decade and I still learn something new from the Best Practice sharing in the Partners Community.

The fresh perspective of the new users always give me ideas on how we can improve on out use of the tools. And for me, that is one of Gensuite's strengths - the continuous improvement based on customer needs." - Tanis Swan (Formerly GE Lighting & Appliances)
"...I am honored to have worked with you on many tools and enhancements over the past 8.5 years! I have been a very tough customer at times, but you have always impressed me with what you could do (and always with class), so we just keep raising the bar higher. I am proud to have been a witness to the Gensuite evolution into its own company and I truely wish you all continued success!" - Bridget Glynn (GE Global EHS Program Manager)
"...Nice job by the Gensuite team in really listening to our ideas and making us know that you are truely taking our comments into consideration. You guys are awesome..." - Dana Svendsen (GE Aviation OMLP - EHS)
"...The feedback we heard from our sites is that Gensuite is one of the best things our company has ever done for EHS!..." - Kevin Mooney (US Silica)